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Ok Let’s Talk…Economic Crisis VS Relationship Crisis

Do we have a greater crisis than the Economic Crisis that affects us in all areas of our personal lives,  family, finances, career,  health as well as emotionally and physically?

How many times in relationships do we here ourselves saying; ” I just not get it” and you say “I thought she said or he said”. “I did not say that”, “I said this”, ” which part of that didn’t you understand?”… a duh! I think you get the drift of what I’m saying our communication and hearing can be. Or do you?

Hey, what I’m not saying in anyway is that I have “arrived” in this relationship thing….!

I do however have a PHD… in Pain, Hurt, Disappointment, Yes” you heard that right, my (PHD) credentials. I’m not Dr Phil. or Ms. O. on TV. As well, I’m not necessarily a professed “relationship guru” either!

I have failed more than once. I don’t know about you, but “I’m tired of it”! It’s time I knew what “He/She said” so that we can have the relationships we desire and that we crave. “Somebody” say… AMEN! Faith …to that!!

So Faith, what’s a girl or guy to do? Well it’s been said that sometimes you can learn more from someone “who walks with a limp, rather than someone who has never been there”. Guess that makes me qualified, as well as many of you. So, together we can say…“I have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt”  and the credentials (PHD)…! Let’s share our personal experience and talk with professionals with lots of experience who can offer suggestion, books, and our resource to help get it RIGHT!!

OK.. You ask: How can we take the hurt, the pain and disappointment out of our relationships? I’m feeling depressed, or loss of hope in my relationship what can I do? Does your “dream”of a relationship seem like it will never happen? Is your relationship or marriage not going in the direction you hoped with intimacy, romance, sharing things around the house, finances, or with the kids? Are you thinking “divorce” is the only thing left?

Join me and my guest in a lively discussion on just what it takes to build a loving and successful relationship filled with hope, peace, joy and healing and yes laughter. Yes, that’s what I said!!

  • Keep the flame burning in your relationship
  • Keep commitment strong in the tough times
  • Communicate better and just have fun! I need fun!! How about you?
  • Deepen your ability to understand each other
  • Identify relational blind spots or familiarity that may causes
  • Emotional detachment or unhealthy breakdown in communication and your relationship

Remember… All things are possible with God in the center of your life and relationship! Even communication!