Single Life Coaching

It doesn’t have to be depressing or difficult being Single…no hurry!…You can do the singles scene in real time.

Whether you’re 28 or 68, widowed, divorced or always single, you can get a life – and a life partner. I’m sure of it.

Do you doubt Mr./Ms. Right exists or that you can find him or her? I believe that person is looking for you, right now, and I can show you how to increase the chances that you find each other.

Has it been a while since you dated? Whether it’s months, years or decades since your last date, you can learn to date consciously and effectively. You can learn the difference between a “practice relationship” and a forever love.

Most importantly, you can raise your self-esteem and confidence levels to the point where you naturally radiate your attractiveness. You will become a magnet attracting other quality people into your life. Mr./Ms. Right will be among them.

If you’re ready to change your personal life for the better, Singles Coaching is for you and let’s get started today!



  • To find someone to love who will love you in return


  • Learn the universal process for finding a quality partner
  • Learn what it takes to attract, build and maintain, healthy, satisfying love relationships
  • Learn how to increase your appeal
  • Learn how to send the right signals to attract the right people
  • Develop and practice skills needed to create and maintain a successful love relationship
  • Replace negative self-talk with the encouraging voice of a gentle coach
  • Make good choices and decisions about dating and relationships
  • Learn to “pass” on inappropriate relationships


  • Confidence, confidence & more confidence in who you are and what you have to give in a relationship

Dating rules & strategies designed for your personality and desires

    • How to have great first dates, even with dates who aren’t
    • Honoring boundaries – yours and theirs
    • Creating lasting intimacy
    • Pacing your relationships for success
    • Get clear about who you are & who you’re looking for
    • Identify your personal preferences & red flags
    • Predictors of long-term compatibility
    • Personality predictor
    • Secrets of savvy networkers
    • Online dating services
    • Speed-dating
    • Finding like-minded single people
    • Church singles groups
    • Friends
    • Why the sexes are so different
    • Men’s and women’s differing approaches to dating, relationships, communication and coping with stress